Sunday, 29 July 2012

Packaging and Labels

I have been working a lot on the new skin care range that will soon be available.
The products will be amazing for your skin but I also wanted them to look like little presents. I have looked at my packaging and have thought about what I would like to arrive in my letterbox and have come up with gorgeous little boxes.
I hope you will like them as much as I do. :)

Example label:


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vanilla and Tonka Bean Body Cream

I made Body Cream yesterday and it turned out to be wonderful.

I used the following ingredients:
45ml Water
25g Olive Butter
25g Shea Butter
25g Cocoa Butter
25g Macadamia Nut Butter
25ml Almond Oil
25ml Wheatgerm Oil
25ml Rosehip Oil
Polysorbate 80
Vitamin E
Vanilla and Tonka Bean Fragrance Oil
1) I melted the butters in a double boiler
2) I added the melted butters to the oils
3) I added water and Polysorbate 80
4) After everything cooled down a bit, I added the Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil and Preservative

It took quite long to harden out and I only whipped it today.
It is not greasy at all and sinks into the skin straight away.

This is seriously wonderful stuff. :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shea butter, organic and refined

I have also received the shea butter now and as promised, there is also a picture.

It's white and very creamy and both products are available on my homepage now. :)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Cocoa Butter Pellets

It happened, I have found the perfect product which is now officially the first item that my company 'The Craft Lab Ltd' is about to sell.

Organic Refined Cocoa Butter in pellet form! What a genius concept right?
I fell in love with the pellet form straight away. It is so easy to dose and the butter looks and smells just like white chocolate.

Besides that, the quality is amazing. I really am very happy to be able to offer such good quality to my customers.
I will also sell them as non organic and I was able to secure Organic Refined Shea Butter with the same amazing quality.

Pictures of the Shea Butter will follow next week!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Cranberry facial mask

I made a mask with my fruit powders today. :)

I used only little amounts of the following ingredients:
Cranberry fruit powder
Polysorbate 80
Pink Argiletz clay
Almond Oil

I was a little bit pink afterwards but my skin felt really smooth and fresh.

Fruit powders

I am happy to announce that I found a really great manufacturer for freeze dried fruit powders.
I have received some samples and they look great.
8kg of fruit make 1kg of fruit powder. The powder is 100% fruit and full of vitamins.

The difference between the powder from my manufacturer and the powder that can be bought on several cosmetic supply sites in the UK, is that my powder does not contain any Maltodextrin which is made from corn starch. Maltodextrin is very cheap and does not contain many vitamins which means the fruit powder is stretched.

Pure fruit powders can be mixed with any sort of cosmetic and is a great colourant in addition to providing a lot of vitamins that are beneficial for your skin.

I received the following:

Cranberry powder (much more pink than red)

Strawberry powder

Buckthorn powder

Pineapple powder

I hope you like them as I am thinking of selling these.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pink Solid Butter Scrubs

I made some more of my nice little butter scrubs today.
They are just gorgeous to use and smell so lovely.

I have only used a little bit of Vanilla FO as the Cocoa Butter and the Beeswax
smell so great already.

I hope you like them.