Monday, 5 March 2012


Welcome to my little craft lab!
 This is my first blog ever so please be kind. :)

I am doing a lot of research on handmade beauty products at the moment and a lot of experimenting as well. I have been making cupcake bath bombs. They still need a lot of work but I am inspired. I have been buying cupcake magazines to make them look more like the 'real' thing. My piping is horrendous at the moment as I have actually never piped anything before (luckily my granny has no idea how to read my blog, phew), not even a real cupcake.

 My biggest challenge is the icing as I have been trying to make a mixture of corn starch, Shea butter and cocoa butter because they are all skin loving ingredients. However, they are not holding up very well when they come into contact with any kind of heat (blow dryer etc). Further, I have been giving some samples to my family and the feedback was that they are too much of a mess as the oils disperse in the bath water, but stick mainly to the sides of the bath tub.

 I shouldn't really be saying this but am hoping to help someone out there with the same idea. I had the glorious idea to shave my legs whilst having a bath with one of my cupcakes which of course, made the hair stick together with the oils to the sides of the bath tub and I needed half an hour to clean the mess up. :)

Unfortunately I had to give up and try a new piping mixture which was this time just with conventional royal icing sugar, Rose water, colorant and corn starch. This works much better and doesn't feel sticky in the water at all. It doesn't dissolve as nicely in the bath tub however and I will be adding some slsa to the mixture in the hope of making some bubbles as well. I also feel that they look much too colourful and I am looking into more pretty less colourful cases.

They are scented with honey and vanilla.
I also made some blue ones are scented with a dupe of Angel.

What do you like better in a bath bomb? Perfume fragrances, food fragrances or something more natural? Or would you prefer essential oils?

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